Friday 9 October 2015

A Well-Stacked Plate

    People from outside of Canada might not be aware of it, but this weekend is our Thanksgiving holiday, so there will be a lot of food consumed.  Yesterday, Joan and I attended the annual “Harvest Dinner” put on by the McBride Library as a fund raiser.  There was a lot of tasty food to be consumed and that is where I took the photo you see.
    I feel I must make one thing clear--this was not my plate.  I admit to sometimes falling into the category of “gluttony”, but although I stuffed myself last night, I didn’t have this much stuff on my plate.  I spotted this plate, belonging to a young male, abandoned on the table beside us, when he left his seat to pick up some dessert.   He had done such a masterful job of stacking the food on the limited space of the plate that I couldn’t help but take a photo.
    I am happy to report that after the meal his plate was empty.  He didn’t waste anything.
    Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians and to you whenever a similar holiday occurs.

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