Thursday, 1 October 2020

We Need to do an Inventory

    We drive up to Prince George about once a month to stock up on supplies that we can’t find in little McBride.  Our main destination in PG is Costco.  Walking down the aisles of the store our eyes scan the products searching for things on our list that we need.   We of course see things that weren’t on our list and we ask each other, “Do we need this too? “

      The reply is always,  “I can’t remember, maybe we should get it just in case.”

    By the time we walk out of the door, we have a cart full of things that weren’t on our list.  When we get home and unload our stash  and start shelving it in the shop, we discover that we didn’t really need those things we weren’t sure about.  

    You hear a lot these days of Covid about people hoarding things.  I’m don’t think we are hoarding, it’s more of the case of not remembering what we already have.

    Above are two full bottles of avocado oil (we have another in the house).  Below are three full cases of tomato paste, (I hope we don’t run out).  We bought two loaves of bread, and when I went to put them in the freezer, I discovered three more loaves already there.

    Since we store our extra food in our unheated shop, we face a problem--when temperatures get colder, we are going to have to move all of the freezable items into our already overstuffed house. 

    I think I need to find an app that will keep track of what we have before our next trip to Costco.


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