Saturday, 10 October 2020

Castle Creek or Cottonwood Creek?

    The valley behind that row of yellow trees on the ridge is known as both Castle Creek and also Cottonwood Creek.  One of the things that caused me a lot of confusion when we first moved to the Robson Valley was that a lot of the creeks and rivers had two names. 

    I would hear someone talk about the Blackwater River, then look on a map to see where it was and not find it anywhere.  Over time it eventually dawned on me that most of the area drainages had two names:  an official name and a local name.

    Here are some examples (official name is on the left):

        McKale Creek-----Blackwater River

        Castle Creek------Cottonwood Creek

        Nevin Creek-------King Creek

        Holmes River-----Beaver River

        Holliday Creek---Baker Creek

    The early settlers in the valley had given those waterways names, but later the government gave them the official name, but in many cases the official name persisted.

    If you are curious about any Robson Valley place name you can find the history behind it at:

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