Tuesday 2 April 2024

Pete's List and Closet Musicians

    Just about every day I get an email from “Pete’s List”.   Pete is a local guy from Dunster who set up this email so that local residents of the Robson Valley can post what they want to sell, what they are looking for, or notices of what events are happening in the area.

    Pete’s List has a good following, and so I use it whenever I need to reach the public.  Above is the message I put on Pete’s List this morning.  

    I have been striving to get rid of a lot of things that I no longer use.  These two guitar amps have been sitting in my shop for years, and figured it was time to sell them.  Whenever I post anything on Pete’s List, I am always surprised at how quickly they sell.  

    The Robson Valley has a sparse and small population, so I am usually not very optimistic about the market for the things I am trying to sell.  Earlier on, when I listed my 12-string guitar, I was thinking;  “Is there anyone out there that wants to buy a 12-string?”  but obviously there were a lot of locals looking for one, because my email box quickly got numerous requests.

    The same thing happened when I posted the message selling the amps this morning.  The first request came in at 5:54 AM, and both amps sold by 7:30 AM.  This brings me to my second topic of the day:  Closet musicians. 

    I am always surprised to find out how many local people play instruments privately.  Whenever I hear about them, I tell them about our jam, but most of them are just too shy to play around other people.  There is one guy that comes to our jam every week “just to listen”, who I found out has and plays a guitar, and I often urge him to bring it and play.

     I have explained that when we are playing, nobody will hear him playing, because everyone is too concentrated on what they are playing.  It’s really too bad that people are so shy, because some of the most fun I have had in my life has been playing music with others, and it is a wonderful way to pick up tips, and learn more.

    Below is a jam poster I made trying to get closet musicians to come to the jam. 

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