Tuesday 9 April 2024

Anyone Find A Hundred Dollar Bill?

     You know what they say about a fool and his money, well, I guess I qualify at being a fool.  

    Do you remember a week ago when I blogged about selling a guitar amplifier?  I had posted it on Pete’s List for $100, and it was quickly sold.  I delivered it to the buyer who lives just down the road, and he handed me a folded $100 bill in payment.  I didn’t have my billfold with me, so I just stuck it into my pocket. which already had a handkerchief in it.  

    After talking a bit to the amp’s new owner about amps, and electric guitars, I thanked him, got into the car, and drove home.  Later in the day, I thought about the hundred and reached into my pocket to retrieve it.  Sadly, there was nothing to retrieve, the bill was gone.  Sometimes earlier I must have reached for my handkerchief and pulled it out.  I assume with that action, I also unknowingly pulled out the hundred too, and it disappeared into the Cosmos.

    I emailed the amp buyer, and he and his wife searched their yard.  In the meantime, I searched the car and all of the places I had been after returning home, to no avail, the hundred dollar bill was not to be found.  

    I can certainly live without the money, but loosing it does make me feel like a fool.

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