Wednesday 10 April 2024

Cartoon Hits The Mark

    Above is the cartoon that I submitted to our local newspaper last week.  It should appear in this week’s paper.  When I submitted it, I didn’t realize just how relevant it would be to my life. 

    I find getting everything organized for the income tax to be a hateful job.  Although I feel I am conscientious about saving all of those income tax related papers throughout the year, it always seems that some important piece of information ends up missing.

    This year I felt I had all of the ducks in a row, as far as my income tax documents.  I grouped and paper-clipped all of the  papers related to each section of the tax and then submitted the big envelope full of the information to the local woman who figures out our taxes.  It is always such a relief to turn that envelope over to the accountant and be done with it.

    However, this year that relief was short-lived.  The accountant called me a few hours later to tell me that I was missing the all important T4A (Old Age Security) and the T4A (Pension) documents.  Both are sent by the government.  Since I didn’t have them, somehow they must have been mislaid or lost.  Immediately, after hearing the news, I was thrown into a panic/depression.  

    Our income tax is due at the end of April and I was pretty pessimistic that I could get new copies of the two documents before that.  I called Revenue Canada on the phone in an attempt to get them to send me the new copies, and after 40 minutes of hanging on the line listening to bad muzak, I actually got to talk to a real person, who was very friendly, and promised to mail them out to me right away.  

    Again that feeling of relief returned to me.  Now I hope they quickly arrive to the post office in our isolated little village.

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