Friday 6 June 2014


    This morning when we woke up our thermometers were indicating it was 0 C (32F) outside.  I gulped and went outside to see how badly our garden was hit.  The delphiniums (above) were definitely showing signs of frost, and our poppy plant (below) looked a bit frosty too.
    I have always heard that if you spray the frozen plants with water, before the sun hits them you can really lessen the damage, so I immediately got the hose unwound and sprayed all of the plants.  I guess later today, I will be able to better assess what damage occurred by the cold overnight temperatures.
This is not the first time we have experienced freezing temperatures in June, the mountainous Robson Valley can get them every month of the year, but fortunately most years we don’t.
    The hardest frost happens in open low-elevation areas, so it hits some places harder than other.  We are a bit upslope from those low-lying lands beside the Fraser River, and we have a lot of big trees around our garden so we are not totally out in the open, and I think that provides us a bit of protection.

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