Tuesday 3 June 2014

Cutting Firewood

     One of the jobs I need to finish in the spring is getting enough firewood to get us through the winter.  If I cut, split, and stack the firewood in the spring, it has enough time to dry out over the summer, so it is ready to use when the weather turns cold.  
    Yesterday was a beautiful day, so Joan and Skye joined me in my expedition out to a logged out area to get a load of firewood.  It was sunny and hot, and but fortunately there were no mosquitoes, so even though it was exhausting work to cut, carry, and load all the pieces into the truck under the hot sun, it was quite tolerable without the bugs.  
    It is always a pleasurable experience when I finish cutting, to turn off the chainsaw and to be engulfed by the silence of the surroundings.  About the only sounds I could hear were the chattering and melodic whistling of birds as I stood on a small rise and gazed out across the valley to the blue Cariboo Mountains on the horizon.  
    I think I will only have to go out and get one more load of wood and I will have enough for the winter.

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