Saturday 8 June 2019

He Doesn't Like Green?

    Last week when we were in Jasper, our friend Di told us about a local painter who didn’t like the color green and so painted the trees every color but green.  I had to shake my head in confusion; how could someone not like green?  Thinking back I recall hearing once before about an acquaintance who lived in Hawaii, and had so much green around him everywhere, that he didn’t like green.
    I thought about the color green today while I was painting a square on my current painting, because it was all green, in fact, practically the whole painting (above) is green.  Green seems to be one of the most dominant colors in just about all of my paintings. 
    While I am a fan of just about all colors, I have come to realize that I have a real preference for the green.  To me it is symbolic of life and nature, and those are things that are extremely important to me.  

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