Tuesday 25 June 2019


    I really dislike graffiti.  I know some artistic people who like it, and think it is a modern creative form of art, but I see it as a usually ugly and chaotic form of self grandiosity (look, here are my initials or symbol) done at someone else’s (the property owner’s) expense. 
     I thought it was especially rich one time when I heard of a graffiti “artist” that was outraged that another graffiti “artist” had painted over “his” graffiti, thinking nothing of the owner of the property that he had painted over.  
    It upset me when I was in Europe and saw all of the graffiti sprawled across old heritage sites and buildings.  It seemed to be everywhere.    I think these graffiti “artist” should put their “art” on canvas, but I guess then the public wouldn’t be forced to see it.
    As a child I remember seeing people’s initials or names painted on roadside rocks outcrops or signs, and my mother telling me, “Fool’s names and fool’s faces always appear on public places.”  I’m sure that is partially the reason I feel the way I do about graffiti.
    Fortunately here in little McBride, about the only graffiti that we see are on the boxcars that travel through the village.  
    However all that being said, the other day I saw a boxcar with some graffiti that I actually liked.  I thought it was both clever and very well done.  I know nothing about it, but at least I didn’t find it an eye sore.  
    Below is a photo of the graffiti I liked.

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