Tuesday 20 November 2018

Highway 16 Morning Drive

    We took one of our excursions to Prince George yesterday to stock up on supplies.  During the winter the amount of daylight becomes less and less, so we have to start our drive in near darkness.  While its hard to force ourselves out of bed an hour earlier, if the weather is right, the trip itself does afford some really nice views as the sun rises and sunshine plays across the mountains.  
    Yesterday was one of those days.  Normally on our morning trips I see nice light, but since I am driving I somehow feel a great hesitancy to pull over to take a picture.  It’s not that there is a tremendous amount of traffic to deal with, but I usually just keep driving then down the road a bit I start beating myself up for being so lazy and not stopping for the shot. 
     Yesterday I did make myself stop and I took the photo you see above. 

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