Wednesday 21 November 2018

A Futile Job

    Because of all the road salt and sand that is put on the roads during the winter, the exterior of our car is always very dirty.   It doesn’t help the situation that McBride doesn’t have a carwash.  Our car was filthy before we started our trip up to Prince George on Monday, and after two and a half hours of driving up Hwy. 16,  the layer of crude on the outside of the car had doubled in thickness.
    On our first couple of stops in PG, whenever we had to get anything out of the rear of the car or put something in, our clothes also got dirty from rubbing up against the car.  So we decided that we should take advantage of one of the automated carwashes in Prince.  We paid the $13 dollars, drove our car in, put the gear into neutral, and let the car be guided into the brushes and sprays of the carwash.  Once out the other side, our car sparkled and looked blue.
    Of course the glistening finish on the Subaru didn’t last very long.  We still had to make the 135 mile, (217km) drive back to McBride.  The photo shows what our car looked like by the time we got home.

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