Friday 25 April 2014

Big Holes in the Woodpile

    Our friend, Di who lives in Jasper, came over for a visit yesterday.  When she glanced over at the roofed shelter where we stack our firewood, and remembered how much we had last fall, she was amazed at how empty it now is.  I don’t think the photo shows very clearly just how much firewood we burned through, last winter. 
    I have two rows where I stack the wood.  One runs along the fence toward the back of the photo.  It still has some firewood stacked on both ends, but the whole middle section is empty.  Another section for stacking, now empty, runs besides the big willow tree you see.  All and all, the empty sections are 12 yards (11 m.) long and 4 foot ( 1.2 m.) high.  I also had firewood stacked under the carport overhang , that is now half empty.  All those empty spaces mean that I have a lot of firewood to cut, haul, and split, this year--I usually have more left over after a winter.
    As soon as all the mud dries from the melting snow on the logging roads, I will head out with my chainsaw.  Winter is barely over and already I am thinking about the next one.

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