Thursday 28 November 2013

Good News, Bad News

    If you read yesterday’s blog you are probably assuming I am on my way driving to Prince George so I can return the rental car and get my car back.  There has been a change in the plan. 
    When I woke up this morning ready for the trip, I turned on the radio and heard that Hwy. 16 from McBride to Prince George had slippery sections and huge sections of freezing rain.  That is not anything I wanted to deal with for 135 miles, particularly with a 2 wheel drive rental car, so I made the decision that I would just stay home, and hope that the conditions will improve by tomorrow.
    That means I get to have my regular morning; going for a walk on the trail, painting, and doing the blog.  Unfortunately it also means having to make the drive tomorrow, and having to pay an extra day on the rental car which is sitting in our carport.  I hope everyone out there crosses their fingers for good luck and clear roads for me tomorrow.
    I hope readers in the US are having a tasty Thanksgiving today.

Take a peek at my paintings:

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