Sunday 17 November 2013

A Trip to Valemount

    Yesterday was the Valemount Christmas Fair.  SInce I have 180 calendars all printed up and need to sell them, I made the 1 hour drive yesterday.  I was happy to discover that Highway 16 from McBride to Dunster was clean dry pavement.  Then from Dunster to Valemount, the highway was covered with ice.  So I had to slow down and use 4 wheel drive.  Once I got to Highway 5 for the last leg to Valemount the highway was still icy, but they had put some salt down so at least the surface was not glazed.
    When I go to the Valemount Christmas Fair I always see acquaintances that I only run into once a year--at the Valemount Christmas Fair.  I had a lot of people tell me that the first thing they look at when they get the newspaper is my cartoon.  One older gent came up to my table and said he wanted a 2013 calendar.  I told him he was a year too late.  He replied that he hadn’t made it to the Christmas Fair last year and had to go the whole year without one of my calendars.  Those kind of comments always make me feel needed.
    My sales weren’t as good as usual and that seemed to be the case with most of the venders there.  This coming Saturday is the Christmas Fair in McBride, so that will give me another chance to unload some calendars.

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