Thursday 14 November 2013

At The Ready

    When my clock radio went off this morning, they started the weather report with news that McBride was under a “Snow Warning”  with snow beginning later today with an expected accumulation of 20cm (8 inches.)  As soon as we finished our morning walk, I went out to the barn and shop to gather up all the things I would need in order to deal with that possibility.
    In one load I carried all the snow shovels and snow scoop down to the house.  They were all covered with dust and cobwebs, then went up and got my felt-pack boots. 
    This morning the temperature was just at the freezing point.  At present it has climbed to +2 C (35F) and a heavy fog has moved in, so think that I can’t see the end of the pond.
    I guess now all I am left to do is wait and see if the dump of snow actually happens.

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