Saturday 3 February 2024

Not Thoroughly Thought Out

    As  a youngster, I used to love listening to the Paul Harvey News which came on the radio everyday at noon.  It wasn’t his rightwing politics that attracted me, it was the funny and bizarre news stories that he used, to spice up his broadcasts.  At that young age, he got me started on paying attention to, and later watching the news on television.  I am still addicted to the news, and especially love the bizarre stories that I hear.

    Yesterday while going through my 1988 diary, I came across one of those bizarre stories that had happened back then in Prince George, our closest urban center.  Here is what happened:

    A man, armed with an automatic weapon and a “big knife”, forced his way into a Prince George radio station.  He told the employees that they had been “bugging” his house, and demanded that they stop.  While he was there, the police arrived, and the man made a couple of more demands:  He wanted a “brand new pickup truck” and “some sheets of drywall”.

    When I heard that he wanted sheets of drywall, I just cracked up.  Did this guy really think the police were going to let him go with the brand new truck filled with a load of drywall, so he could go home and fix his walls?

    Drywall seemed like such a strange thing to demand.  

    I don’t know how the situation was finally resolved, but I suspect after the guy got out of whatever institution he was put in, his place still needed some drywall.

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