Saturday 24 February 2024

Kjell Needed a Sauna


    The photo above shows Kjell’s sauna.  Imagine how it might look in February, when everything is covered with snow.

Kjell, a Norwegian by birth, was always a big fan of saunas.  Years ago he built himself one beside Beardsley Brook, the creek that ran through the edge of his yard.  He made a dam on the brook which created a nice pool of clear cold water, right in front of his sauna.  After getting all hot and sweaty in the sauna, Kjell and his guests, would walk out on the little porch of the sauna, and plunge into the cold water of the pool he had made.

One day in February, arriving home after a tiring day of teaching, Kjell decided that a sauna would be just the thing to refresh his spirit.  Keeping his school clothes on, but he removed his shoes and slipped on his winter boots so he could walk through the snow.  He slowly trudged his way down the hill to the sauna to start a fire that would heat the sauna up, so he could use it later.

As he walked across the old 2 X 10 planks that went across the creek leading to the sauna, one of the rotten boards broke.  Kjell, still in his school clothes, went flailing head first into the very cold water of his sauna pool.  If he had been tired after his day at school, he soon found himself wide awake and very energized.

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