Monday 1 August 2022

The Dog, The Cat, and a Mosquito

    I had a horrible night last night.  Kona started pawing my bed at 2:30.  I figured that she needed to go outside, so I got up, walked downstairs, put her on a leash, grabbed a flashlight and took her outside.  She didn’t seem that urgent to do anything, but she did do a short pee.  I thought it was a bit strange that she woke me up for that.

    We came back in the house and then she was all nervous and jumped on my bed.  She clung tightly beside me, then it began to thunder outside.  It must have been distant thunder or a sense of thunder, that woke her up in the first place.  Kona is terrified of thunder and trembles in her panic of it.  

    When the thunder intensified, she couldn’t be calmed.  She pawed at my neck, draped herself over my head, nervously twitching and bumping me relentlessly, despite all my efforts to calm her.  I tried to hug her tightly to give her security, but it didn’t ease her at all.  Eventually the thunder ceased and slowly Kona calmed down, but she stayed cuddled up tight against my head.

    Then Lucifer the cat jumped up on the bed and she positioned herself tightly against my right side (Kona was clinging on my left).  I was unable to go back to sleep, afraid to move and cause agitation to the animals.  I lay there motionless, with my eyes closed, trying to sleep, but then the pets were joined by a mosquito that kept trying to get its ounce of blood from me.  Every time I felt like I was getting close to dozing off, the mosquito came buzzing around my head.

    Another wave of thunder came throwing everything back into chaos.  This was then followed by another period of calm with the pets, but the mosquito continued to bother me.  Eventually I did finally fall asleep and managed to get an hour and a half of shuteye, but upon wakening, I sure didn’t feel very rested. 

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