Thursday 11 August 2022

Luckily It Came With A Downpour

    I was awaken at 4:30 this morning by Kona scratching on the edge of my bed.  It was a rude awakening, and I staggered to take Kona outside, figuring that she had to pee.  She did, so I brought her back inside to hopefully continue with my sleep.  When I was outside, I noticed a few clouds in the still gray morning sky but nothing out of the ordinary.

    Ten or fifteen minutes after getting back in bed, I started hearing raindrops hitting our tin roof, the drops intensified, and then really started to plummet against the roof.

    “That’s good,” I thought to myself, because it had been very hot and dry, but then lightning and crashing thunder began.  Kona jumped on the bed, terrified and trembling, as she started draping herself on top of me and couldn’t be calmed.

    I then remembered that not long ago the same thing happened:  Kona, woke me up during the night, I took her outside and about 10 minutes later a thunderstorm occurred.  Kona, it seems can sense coming storms, before I hear anything.

    With all the thunder and the trembling dog against me, I realized I was not going to get any more sleep for a while, so I got out my iPad and clicked on the Lightning Tracker app to see where the strikes were happening and noticed that one had hit on the mountain slope less than a half a mile from our house.  (Red dots are lightning strikes, the blue dot is our house).

    Seeing all of the lightning strikes in the area, sure made me happy that we had gotten a lot of rain before and after the lightning hit.  After seeing so many reports about the horrendous forest fires in Europe, North America, and BC, it makes me very appreciative that we got lots of rain with our lightning.

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