Saturday 19 January 2019

Diary: Living in an Isolated Lumber Camp

    In 1978 we were living in a lumber camp at Takla Lake BC.  At the time there were no roads into the place; access was by plane or train.  I had a job teaching at Silvacan Elementary, a one-room school (tan building on the left.)  The camp had to generate it’s own power and supply its own water.  It was not unusual to have problems with both of these utilities.   In my diary I noted the problems we experienced on three consecutive days in January, 1978.

Jan. 12, 1978
The water went off in camp starting at 11:15 this morning.  This afternoon after school, the power went off for about an hour in the houses.  Then in came back on, then went off again, then on again, repeating the cycle about five times, 15 minutes each.  We ate in semi-candlelight.  When it was time to do the dishes, we discovered our hot water heater wasn't functioning, I guess all the power and water problems has caused it's heating element to burn out.  As I write, our lights are flickering again.

Jan. 13, 1978
The electricity went off about five times this morning at school.  It has been fluctuating all day and night.  The water has also been sporadic.  The electrician that came to the teacherage told us that the element in our hot water tank has burnt out, and another one will have to be ordered.  Today was our coldest so far this winter,  -36F.  

Jan. 14, 1978
School went okay today, although the power was off again for a while this morning.  Today at recess we played soccer in the cold.  It was the school vs. Mr. Marchant.  The school won.  This evening we discovered that now the electric oven isn't working.

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