Wednesday 16 January 2019

Another Slim Creek Shot

    Here is another photo I took near the Slim Creek Rest Area on Hwy. 16 on Monday morning.  This one also has some nice light, but I also thought it was fascinating because of the trees.  Slim Creek is in a valley bottom, so it doesn’t get much wind or direct sunlight and they are colder.  The slope you see in the background with the bare trees is in a more open area that gets more direct sunshine and wind and is warmer.
    The trees on the valley bottom are heavily laden with snow.  I assume that as much snow probably fell on the background trees, but is gone because of the its physical situation, unlike the more sheltered trees in the foreground.

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  1. The trees in the foreground all look to have been sprayed with shiny silver paint, I know it is white , but it looks silvery. Makes a wonderfully cold looking winter scene.