Thursday 4 October 2018

Enough Firewood

    I thought it was time for another cartoon.
    This time of year, wondering if I have enough firewood to get us through the winter is constantly on my mind.  I have what seems like more than enough stacked up and ready to go, but then you never know.  If we get an extended period of really cold weather and we are constantly shoving firewood into the stove, the supply can shrink very quickly.  
    There is also the question of what kind of wood we have.  This year I have a lot of Cottonwood, because I sawed up the trees I cut down by the greenhouse.  Cottonwood isn’t the best firewood.  It has a lot of moisture in it and so I am hoping it will have dried out enough over the summer.  It also doesn’t put out a whole lot of heat, so you end up going through it faster.

    I  guess it won’t be until the tail end of winter before I know for sure if I have enough firewood.  If I don’t, I have a lot of old boards and planks in the barn I could burn, and then there is always the furniture if things really get dire.

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