Sunday 9 July 2023

Smoky Sun at Highway Delay

    Last night our trip home from visiting friends was interrupted for fifteen minutes because of “paving” on Highway 16.  We have been saddened to find out that they are “Seal Coating” the highway.  Instead of resurfacing the highway with asphalt, they are being cheap by putting down a layer of gravel, then coating it with a layer of thick oil.  It is a messy operation from start to finish.  First we suffer from blankets of dust from the gavel that is put down, then the oil, and finally when it hardens, we are left with a rougher surface on the road than what we would have gotten had they done it properly, using asphalt.  It’s the price we pay for living in an isolated area, and it is a degradation of Highway 16.

    The highway stop did give us a chance to watch the Sun sinking at the far end of the Valley.  The Sun was very orange due to all of the smoke from forest fires burning north of us, that has been blanketing our air for days.  

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