Tuesday 13 June 2023

Garden Pest: Kona

    Kona is a very high maintenance dog that is constantly getting into trouble.  Yesterday I was weeding in the garden and Kona came in and sat in the shade beneath the garden gate.  I glanced up and saw her chewing on something and thought, “It is sure nice just to have her content and occupying herself.  I resumed my weeding, assuming that Kona had picked up another stick and was chewing on it.

    I was wrong.

    What Kona was chewing on was one of my small cabbage plants.  You can see it in the photo, laying in the grass, just below Kona’s leg.   

    I then noticed that she had pulled up several of the other cabbage plants.  

    Kona probably didn’t know why I was mad at her, but I had to express my feelings.  I took two of the damaged cabbage plants she had pulled out, and stuck them back into the soil, and watered them.  They still had a few roots, so I hope they will grow.

    I thought that being fenced in with me in the garden was a safe place for Kona to be.  I was mistaken.

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