Tuesday 23 May 2023

Flamingoes: A Story and a Cartoon

    This is something that happened way back in 1985.  My aging and deteriorating brain cells had erased it from my memory, but fortunately, I had recorded it in my diary.  

One day when we were in the hardware store, my wife noticed that they were selling some of those pink flamingo lawn ornaments, so we bought a few to sneak into our neighbor’s lawn.  We then we drove out to the Dunster Hall for a goodbye party for a friend.  There was a live band, but it didn’t go over as well as my dance tape.  After the farewell party, we “limped back home in our ailing car.”   

Once we got home, we grabbed the flamingos and in the darkness, we creeped over through the grove of trees that separated our properties, to Kjell and Celine’s house.   Quietly, we stuck the flamingos in their flower garden. 

The next morning, our phone rang.  It was Kjell, who asked,  “Do you have a bird book that I could borrow?  When we woke up this morning there were some strange birds in our flower garden.”

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