Monday 2 January 2023

A Mellowed Lucifer

     We named our cat Lucifer because of her temperament.  She was one of the wild cats that lived behind the hardware store in McBride.  I saw her wandering back and forth across Main Street one day, and she let me pick her up and bring her home.  She has always been a bit unstable, and you never know exactly when she might explode, but as she ages, she has become more and more affectionate.

    I took this photo last night as she cuddled up between my leg and my arm as I was watching a movie on TV.  This has now become a habit for her at night, if I am in the living room watching television.

    She still has her wild side and you can pet her until her tail starts twitching, then it is time to quit.  If you don’t she will suddenly attack.  Sometimes when I am petting her, I reach her limit.  When her limit is reached, she used to bite my hand.  Now she just nips it gently, which is a big improvement in her behavior.

    It is nice that at least most of the time now, she isa pretty lovable cat, but she will keep her name.

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