Friday 16 December 2022

Finally, Key Lime Pie

    Key Lime Pie is one of my favorite desserts.  My wife made me one back on November 12th, and although I was really looking forward to eating it, I never got the chance, because that evening after supper is when my pancreatitis began and I soon found myself in the hospital.

    During that period, although I completely lost my appetite because of the pancreatitis, I did regret not being able to eat Key Lime Pie.

    As part of my recovery, I was put on a no fat diet, so for a couple of weeks there was absolutely no Key Lime Pie and then once I was back to regular food, the occasion for Key Lime Pie never arose.  This week however, the cosmos created an opportunity, and my wife once again made a Key Lime Pie.   This time I was able to eat it.  It was a wonderful taste treat after all of these weeks of deprivation.

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