Wednesday 13 July 2022

Where Are My Glasses?

    After a lifetime of good vision, now as I age my eyes have deteriorated and I need reading glasses in order to do most things.  We have glasses spread around the house, some in the living room, some at my desk, some in the bedroom, and even some in the bathroom, but nevertheless, it seems that I can never find a pair when I need them.   In frustration, I continually buy new glasses (often three pair at a time), but despite that, they always seem to disappear and I can never find any.  

    My constant complaining motivated my wife to organize a collection of glasses out on the kitchen counter so if I couldn’t find a pair anywhere else, I could at least find some there. 

    However, glasses always seem to be moving from place to place and I still find myself asking:  “Where are my glasses?”  At least now, when I can’t find any, I know there should be a pair I can use out on the kitchen counter.

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