Wednesday 9 March 2022

Happy Birthday, Mom

    Today, which is International Women’s Day, is also my mother’s birthday, her 101th birthday.  That’s pretty remarkable.  Mom now lives in a care home 2000 miles away, so we won’t be able to visit her on this; her big day.  Not only is the distance an obstacle, but there are visitor restrictions on the home due to Covid.  

    I am saddened that she has had to live such an isolated life during these Covid years, but fortunately my mom has always been a trooper, who accepts reality without complaint.  My sister is trying to arrange a phone call or FaceTime chat for us and Mom today, so I hope that all works out.  Whether it does or doesn’t, I will be thinking about this woman who brought me into the world, nourished and sacrificed to give us kids a good life, something that can never be adequately repaid. 

    Happy Birthday, Mom.  We love you.

    The photo is from my Mom’s 93th birthday.

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