Monday 31 January 2022

Why There Are Sticks On The Door Mat

    Because of all of the Covid isolation, we haven’t really gotten visitors, but if we did and they came to the carport door, they might find themselves puzzled when seeing numerous sticks laying scattered on the door mat.  Here is an explanation.

    We do several walks with Kona around the pond and for some dog reason, when she gets to the wooded side of the pond, she insists upon grabbing a stick in her mouth and carrying it with her.  If she sees a stick protruding up through the snow, she will pull and worry it until it breaks off, then she proudly prances along the rest of the trail with the stick in her mouth to the house.

    She always wants to bring the stick into the house, but obeys, when I say, “Drop it,”  The stick then drops to the door mat where it lays with the all of the others in her collection, until I get around to throwing them away.

    I really don’t understand this behavior, but it seems really important to Kona.

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